Our Services

We identify, evaluate, and support acceleration with our unique value proposition.

We are group of executives who enjoy a hands-on approach.

Our primary focus is to aid in removing obstacles, create tailored innovative practices and models, and contribute in deployment through multi-disciplinary execution.

We’ve seen or lived through every roadblock and hurdle there is to see in both brand and business. It is our goal to proactively help you avoid them.

If you’d like to get into the “weeds, “drill down,” or simply learn more please reach out for a quick chat.

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The Space

Value Proposition

Where do you live now and where do you want to be?

  • Finding answers to the “where” is our specialty. Where does your brand live, where can it grow as it is, what is it worth, and which whitespace do you fill or need to fill?
  • What and where are your additional growth opportunities?
  • We can aid in the determination of the true “value” of your brand now, where it can actually go, and determine optimal positioning in the global marketplace.
  • We can include deep channel work and financial review to determine the best “space” for your brand and company to live based on all factors.
  • This can potentially lead to investment or acquisition.


The Product

Positive Product Impact

Product is the cornerstone of CPG. The most successful  products have identified and tapped into some type of resonance with the consumer.

  • Our team has developed 100’s of products and sold millions of units in domestic and international markets across every personal care category.
  • We can contribute and direct product development, new product pipeline, and category planning from start up to scale.
  • This includes formula, primary and secondary packaging, regulatory, registration, sourcing, manufacturing, and all other aspects to ensure products are profitable at all levels.


The Sell


The goal is always the same:  To get product in consumers’ hands as effectively as possible and as often as possible.

  • We provide a realistic evaluation and support of sales and channel strategy for both domestic and international markets.
  • We work in an omni-channel state to identify often missed sales opportunities not always obvious.
  • Additionally, we can aid in the planning, outreach, facilitation, and subsequent support of both existing and future channels.
  • This includes financial reviews and direction across all categories of sales channels.


The Flow

“Ops & Org” Design

Operations is the lifeblood of CPG.  It is also an incredibly complex and necessary part of any business.

  • Every member of our team has operations experience – whether that be sales ops, marketing ops, commerce ops, or supply chain.
  • We provide evaluation across all to increase efficiencies which support brick and mortar commerce, fulfillment, domestic & international 3PL, digital and e-commerce, supply chain, manufacturing, transport, purchasing, and much more.


The Connections

CPG is an omni-relationship business

Every aspect of CPG, from ideation to sell-through, is built on its relationships. A strong brand is one that has sturdy and deep rooted connections. This mutually necessary kinship requires constant tending.

Think product development, packaging, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, buyers, digital, e-commerce, social, etc. Having an “army ” of supporters across all functions – internal and external – is a foundational key component to lasting success.

Our long-term relationships span the entirety of the industry and is a core component of our business offering. We have the ability to leverage our vast industry network in all facets of business to boost your brand position.

It is not just who you know, but also “how well” you know.


The Money

Private Equity – Venture Capital – Family Office

If you are Private Equity, Venture Capital, or a Family Office considering investment in a CPG start-up, a younger brand, or an about-to-scale company – we would be happy to review the overall business.

Our team can quickly evaluate the potential, the threats, the timeline, and the resources required to reach a valuation point. This includes real-world assessment of the entirety of the business model and factoring the lifetime value of the brand.

Having worked in every aspect of the CPG business model we can identify both the potential positive upside or the percentage of risk.

When dealing with current and future dollars – it has been proven time and again best to “spend a little to save a lot.”